Shaming the Devil

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G. Winston James’ stories examine the individual, familial, and societal complexities of desire.  Candidly rendered, they unabashedly consider the formation of personal and sexual identity in a world in which the carnal is highly policed, variously dangerous and all too often denied. Shaming the Devil is an erotic, brutal, emotional and thoroughly thought-provoking debut collection that is likely to arouse, inspire and disturb readers, even as they continue, inexorably, to turn its astonishing pages.


“G. Winston James explodes on the literary scene with a collection of short stories… that introduces him as not only a writer of some of the most erotically charged fiction in the manner of Jean Genet, but also a writer so skilled in his craft that no matter the topic he is able to suffuse his stories with intelligence…and a way with idiomatic dialogue that is as fine as any being written today.”

—Grady Harp,


“These are stories that need to be heard, and that shockingly even 40 years into the gay movement are still being silenced, ignored or overlooked… This is the most refreshing gay fiction I’ve read in years.”

—Trebor Healey, Author of A Perfect Scar & Other Stories


“James’ vision of sexuality and the human condition is soul-shaking…This book is like electricity, but reading it will do more than simply shock you.”

—Randall Kenan, Department of English, University of North Carolina

Author of The Fire This Time


“In the fiction of G. Winston James, sex is revolution, peep shows are poetry, and the dark places that exist in parks and public restrooms are lit with a blinding insight into the hearts of men.”

—Alphonso Morgan, Author of Sons


“Through his medley of narrators…James immediately pulls us into what Toni Morrison calls a “galaxy of emotion” …that takes us on an exhausting yet exhilarating and, in the end, rewarding roller coaster ride as he sets out to tell the truth about the complex dynamics…of contemporary gay life…”

—Dr. Wilfred D. Samuels, Department of English, University of Utah

Editor, Encyclopedia of African-American Literature


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Shaming the Devil:  Collected Short Stories

ISBN-10:  0-9770797-0-8

ISBN-13:  978-0-9770797-0-4

Specs:       Softcover, 176 pp.

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