Sprited Cover 2

Introduction by Rev. Irene Monroe In Spirited: Affirming the Soul and Black Gay/Lesbian Identity, more than 40 writers address the question of how we, as same-genderloving black people, affirm ourselves as sexual and spiritual people. These sacred narratives are a canon for our survival—holy texts proclaiming the divinity of our lives, the righteousness of our love, and the sanctity of our being. Spirited is a must-read for those on a journey toward spiritual and self-acceptance.

Spirited: Affirming the Soul & Black Gay/Lesbian Identity

Editors: G. Winston James and Lisa C. Moore

Publisher: RedBone Press

ISBN: 0-9656659-3-3

Specs: Softcover, 391 pp.

Price: $16.95

Pub. Date: April 2006